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Meal Plans

Accepting a placement in Knox Residence is an automatic acceptance of a Knox College Residence Meal Plan, with meals taken at New College Dining Hall, (5-minute walk) and TBucks that can be used at various food kiosks on campus operated by Food Services. Information on the dining halls and their hours can be found here. There are no refunds on missed meals.

The Knox College Residence Meal Plan offers a declining meal plan including $100.00 TBucks. This means that your residence dollars are loaded onto your TCard at the beginning of the year, and, as with a debit account, residence dollars in your meal plan account are deducted when you make your food purchases. You’ll have the freedom to choose the items you’d like to eat from a variety of locations across campus allowing you to be able to fully utilize your plan by deciding how and when to you use your plan as it suits you.

Prior to activation of your meal plan all residents are required to review and acknowledge the Meal Plan Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement. Failure to acknowledge the Meal Plan Terms & Conditions prior to moving into residence will result in the meal plan not being activated and the funds not ready for use upon arrival.

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Meal Plans


New College Dining Hall is located at 40 Willcocks Street.

Students can access the dining hall by going to 40 Willcocks Street or 21 Classic Avenue (accessible entrance).

Information on the dining halls and their hours can be found at the Food Services website.

Please review the Meal Plan Terms and Conditions.

TBucks are a common form of currency widely accepted across campus. They can be used to buy taxable pre-packaged food items like bags of chips and candy bars, used to purchase textbooks or for printing and photocopying on campus. TBucks can be purchased by anyone holding a TCard for use on the St. George campus.