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Knox residence

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Knox Residence offers three different room type options, including single and double rooms. All rooms are furnished and utilities are included in our costs.

Room Types

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Single Room

One occupant in a standard-size bedroom. This is the most common type of room we have at Knox Residence.

Double Room

Two same-gendered occupants in a shared unit. The double room offers residents a semi-private living space while sharing some parts of the unit. Applicants whose priority is to live in a double room must recognize that sharing a double room requires a heightened commitment to flexibility and compromise; applicants with inflexible or overly specific requirements about their living space are discouraged from applying to live in a double room.

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Super Single

One occupant in a larger unit. Super singles have two rooms, one large bedroom and an additional room that can be used for study or living room space.

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Room Amenities

Rooms at Knox Residence are furnished. Each room is provided with the following:

  • Single twin-sized bed.
  • Mattress. (For residents who bring their own mattress, please note that the Knox mattress cannot be removed from rooms.)
  • Bed linens (pillow case, fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket).
  • Pillow.
  • Mattress protector.
  • Study table.
  • Desk lamp.
  • Bookshelf.
  • Blinds.
  • Chair.
  • Dresser with mirror.
  • Either a closet or wardrobe.
  • Ceiling fan with light.
  • Floor lamp (on-demand).
  • Garbage bin.
  • Recycling bin.
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No furniture can be removed from rooms.

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Building Amenities